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First Coast ATM is your full-service automated teller machine provider in the Jacksonville, FL area. We provide profitable, specialized ATM solutions for your business.

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Why First Coast ATM

At First Coast ATM , we offer ATM solutions for businesses across the Jacksonville, FL area. From convenience stores to performance venues to sporting facilities, we are here to cover your company’s ATM needs

We work with you to provide all of the equipment and services needed to install an ATM. People always need cash, and many businesses find it very beneficial to install an ATM. Installing an ATM attracts customers and allows them to complete shopping and banking in one trip. And, you’ll benefit as well. Not only will you receive a surcharge for each transaction, but you’ll also cut your debit and credit surcharge fees as well.


Guaranteed Transactions

Have you ever attempted to complete a business transaction, only for it to later decline because the customer isn’t able to pay? The customer walks away embarrassed, and you’re out of a potential sale. Not only is your customer ashamed, but you’re frustrated as well.

When working with us, your transaction is guaranteed. That’s because when a customer withdrawals cash, they can complete the operation on the spot. No longer will you have to deal with common issues such as chargebacks, disputes, credit card fees, or bad checks. When using cash, the sale is complete once the money changes hands. 

Attract Customers

Businesses in Jacksonville, FL who we’ve worked with in the past have told us that their sales have increased since installing an ATM. People always need to have cash on hand, and they rely on ATMs to obtain their money.

By having an ATM in your place of business, your customers can complete their shopping and their banking in one trip. The logic is simple. Why would a customer make two stops to go to a store and the bank, if they could accomplish both at the same time?


Receive Surcharge Revenue

Allowing us to install an ATM in your Jacksonville, FL place of business is a small investment in your company that will pay dividends for years. That’s because, with our ATMs, you’ll receive surcharge revenue.

Whenever a customer completes a transaction to withdrawal cash, you’ll receive a portion of the transaction fee – without having to do anything! Why would you choose not to make free money? For an affordable upfront cost, you can install a machine that pays residual income. Many companies find this choice to be a no-brainer and end up putting surcharge revenue back into their business, completing big-vision projects.

Increase Cash Transactions

Most of the businesses in Jacksonville, FL who we’ve spoken to have said that they prefer cash transactions. Unfortunately, credit and debit cards have become increasingly prominent in today’s society. The main reason they’ve become more popular is that of convenience. But, if you have an ATM in your place of business, the convenience factor is now moot.

The more you encourage your customers to pay with cash, the more money you’ll save. This is because you won’t be paying transaction fees every time a customer makes a payment. Although transaction fees may be minimal for credit or debit card purchases, they add up over time.


Our Services

Turnkey Solutions

We can implement an ATM into your current business practice smoothly and seamlessly.

Deliver & Install

In the blink of an eye, a fully-functional ATM will appear in your place of business. 

Cash Replacement

There’s no need to worry when your ATM runs low on cash. We have you covered.

Process Transactions

You can focus on your business. We’ll handle processing fees for all transactions.


From routine maintenance to emergency situations, our team will handle it all.

Customer Service

We handle all customer service related to the ATM, allowing you to focus on your business operations.


Your one-stop-shop for all ATM needs.

Contact First Coast ATM today and receive outstanding service and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do customers prefer paying cash?

    Once customers withdraw money from the ATM, it feels as though they’ve already spent the money. Meaning, they don’t feel as much guilt when making a purchase.

  • Why don’t more customers pay with cash?

    Convenience. Or, a lack thereof. Many find it easier to pay with a credit or debit card than to make a trip to the bank.

  • Do customers use cash if it’s more accessible?

    Based on what we’ve heard from our clients, yes. If an ATM is accessible at their place of purchase, customers are more likely to pay with cash.

  • How much space is needed to install an ATM?

    Our ATMs do not take up much space. We need no more than roughly two feet to install one of our machines.

  • Does it matter where we place the ATM?

    Ultimately, no. The decision is up to you, although we recommend putting it near your cash register. We also need access to a power supply within six feet of your machine location.

  • Is the ATM online or offline?

    Our ATMs connect to the internet, which helps inform us when the cash balance is low. Connecting our machines via a wireless internet is possible.


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If you’re looking to have one of the most reliable ATMs in the industry installed at your place of business, be sure to contact us today by filling out our form or giving us a call.

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