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About First Coast ATM, Jacksonville, FL

First Coast ATM is the leading ATM provider in the Jacksonville, FL area. We serve hundreds of businesses in the area, from grocery stores to airports. We seek to provide ATMs to businesses without hassle or headaches. For most businesses, the decision to do this should be an easy one.

We handle everything with the ATM, from delivery to maintenance. Businesses can increase their cash transactions and reduce the amount they spend on credit and debit card transaction fees. Provide us with two feet of space, and we’ll help increase your income stream. It’s almost too good to be true!

Our Mission

Much like real estate, the location of an ATM is one of the most important things that customers take into consideration when trying to use one. At First Coast ATM , we still see the value in cash transactions. We continually strive to increase the number of cash transactions that businesses can conduct.

We genuinely believe that if a customer can complete their shopping and their banking at one location, they will be much more willing to shop there. By placing an ATM in a quality, high-traffic area, everyone wins – the customer, your business, and First Coast ATM . We work tirelessly to provide an excellent service to our customers.


Our Values

At First Coast ATM , we believe in helping the community of Jacksonville, FL. It’s one of the main reasons we’ve served hundreds of companies spanning multiple industries. But, the process does not stop after installation.

We believe companies have enough on their plate worrying about their business practices. They should not have to worry about whether their ATM is functioning correctly. That’s why we handle all ATM maintenance and customer service returns. We will also replace cash as soon as reserves begin to run low. It’s our goal to eliminate the hassle and headache of having an ATM at your place of business.


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We Love Our Customers

At First Coast ATM , we value our customers, which is why we offer a very competitive referral program. If you refer us to a company in the Jacksonville, FL area who could use an ATM in their place of business, we’ll enter you into the referral program. If we end up opening a new account with this company, you’ll receive $100. We require nothing else from you!

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