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How It Works

At First Coast ATM , we strive to make the process of hosting an ATM in your Jacksonville, FL business as comfortable as possible. That’s why we handle everything, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is how much residual income you make off transaction fees!

This begins when we deliver and install your ATM. Our ATM placement is free. From there, we manage cash balances and process all transaction fees. We also perform all maintenance on your machine, in addition to handling customer service. You benefit because you don’t have to worry about expensive credit and debit card transaction fees.


Why Choose Us

First Coast ATM offers ATM solutions for any business in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Transaction Guarantee

With First Coast ATM , you increase the chances of final sales. When cash exchanges hands between you and a customer, the deal is final. There’s no need to worry about chargebacks, disputes, or bad checks.

Attract Customers

If a customer knows they can accomplish their shopping and their banking in one swoop, they’d be much more likely to use your business. Offering the convenience of an ATM to your customers helps set your business apart.

Receive Revenue Surcharge

When a customer pays with credit or debit, you pay transaction fees. But when a customer uses an ATM at your place of business, you make money off surcharge revenue.

Increase Cash Transactions

From an accounting perspective, it’s much easier to keep track of cash transactions. You won’t have to worry about cards declining or chargebacks. Once you’ve accepted cash, the transaction is complete.

Turnkey Solutions

We ensure that the process of installing an ATM is seamless. We can integrate ATM services directly into your current business practices.

Deliver & Install

Not an expert with ATMs? There’s no need to worry. We handle the entire delivery and installation process for you.

Manage Cash Replacement

When the cash balance in your ATM begins to run low, we’ll receive a notification. At this point, we’ll come and restore the cash in your machine.

Process Transactions

You will make money off transactions, but you won’t have to worry about handling a single one. We process each one of our machine’s transactions.


Our machines are connected to the internet, so we’ll receive alerts of any necessary maintenance. We’ll then come fix the devices without any inconvenience to you.

Customer Service

You have enough on your plate running your business. You don’t need to concern yourself with ATM customer service. We’ll take care of that.


Our Referral Program

We feel that our ATM services are the best in the Jacksonville, FL area, which is why we are always looking for quality locations in need of an ATM. Not only does this help companies earn residual income and increase their cash transactions, but it also helps us open new accounts.

That’s why we offer a competitive referral program. If you refer us to a company in the Jacksonville, FL area who could use an ATM in their business, we'll enter you into the referral program where you can receive $100 once the company signs on and the machine is installed.

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If you’re looking to have one of the most reliable ATMs in the industry installed at your place of business, be sure to contact us today by filling out our form or giving us a call.

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